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Until there's a cure, there's care for South Australians with Motor Neurone Disease.

The Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Australia (MNDSA)

MNDSA provides a range of information, advice, practical assistance and personal support services to the person with MND, their carers, family, friends, and health professionals.     

MNDSA offers:  

  • Equipment and technology  
  • Coordination and support
  • Occupational therapy and allied health services
  • Information and advice
  • Volunteers and group programs      

Services are offered on the basis that people with MND decide their preferred level of involvement, for example, initially wanting only to receive resources or information or the MND News. Alternatively, they might find it useful to meet with an MND Support Coordinator, who can visit online or at home, provide information, or organise access to equipment

MNDSA is a registered provider of supports under the National Disability Insurance Scheme [NDIS]. Through MNDSA support coordination service, people with MND and their families are supported as they prepare to enter the NDIS, and if so desired, through the planning process and beyond. Participants of the Scheme may nominate MNDSA as their provider for Support Coordination and/or the rental of assistive technology (disability aids and equipment) if these supports are funded in their plan.

To refer patients for MNDSA’s services, visit or contact the Association on 8234 8448.

Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Australia Inc (MNDSA)
66 Hughes Street, Mile End SA 5031
PO Box 2087, Hilton Plaza SA 5033

PHONE: 08 8234 8448

FREE CALL: 1800 777 175