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Grief is very individual and not everyone will go through every emotion, but an awareness of those emotions is valuable.

Family carer of someone with MND.


For each person, the bereavement experience is personal and unique. In MND, there may be a lengthy period of anticipation of the death that may affect the process and outcome of the bereavement. A range of support should be offered according to the individual needs of the bereaved.

You are encouraged to assess the bereaved person’s grief by exploring the patient’s feelings such as by asking questions about how they might be coping, what are their plans for the future, and acknowledgement of their struggle.   

A proportion of people who grieve may experience complicated grief - intense distress over a prolonged period. It is important to determine when a person is experiencing complicated grief and to forward a referral specialist palliative care bereavement service coordinator.  

MND SA and some palliative care organisations offer individual or group bereavement support for carers. Individual counselling with a bereavement counsellor or trained listener may be helpful for a person bereaved through MND.

Caresearch, the palliative care knowledge network has up to date information and evidence about grief and bereavement.